One of the fastest-growing industries pays $60,000 entry level, is based in the Sacramento area

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One new person, hired each day for a year? SolarCity in Roseville said they are looking to hire 30 to 40 people every month for the rest of the year.

"So, ideally what we want is a candidate that can come in and communicate well over the phone, that's very important. Basic computer knowledge is good. Almost everything else we can teach them," Paul Stephan, SolarCity Senior VP of residential sales said.

It sounds too good to be true, but solar energy is a growing industry in the country, and they are basing their companies right here in Sacramento.

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"There are two reasons why solar growing well in Sacramento region. One is the interest in high tech and solar is a high tech industry. The other is high energy bills in the summer when it's hot and the air conditioning load. That's leading to more people going solar and that means more jobs right here in Sacramento," Bernadette Del Chiaro, with CalSEIA said. "he state's solar industry association, says there are currently 54,000 solar energy jobs in California ... with more on the way. The industry is projected to grow by 20 percent this year."

The solar energy boom means plenty of installation jobs. But it's also helping to bring back manufacturing jobs. Germany-based Mounting Systems opened its U-S headquarters in West Sacramento.

We looked to different places like Arizona, Colorado, the biggest market was at that time and still is California, and we wanted to be as close as possible to the market to have short lead times and delivery times, and that's the reason why we picked California," Kasim Ersoy with Mounting Systems said.

Mounting Systems grew by 45 percent last year, and is still hiring. To find manufacturing and warehousing employees, the company uses temp agencies, and then brings on those workers full-time.

The solar industry's biggest player, SolarCity is bypassing temp agencies and putting people with no solar industry experience through a paid, six-week training program for its sales positions.

In fact, SolarCity's entry level sales jobs pay more than $24,000 in base salary, with the average first-year employee making between $60,000 and $90,000 with commission. Career counselor Helen Horyza says people looking for work shouldn't overlook sales jobs like these.

"I think if you happen to be one of those people who's very hard working and persistent and not afraid of the barriers, I've watched some people with very little education excel beyond what anyone with a college degree might be expected to do," Horyza said.

"To be able to help people and save them money and really feel like you're a part of the solution of what's facing us right now? It's huge! My kids look up to me, they're so proud," Jason Broussard, a recently hired employee, said.

And while call centers often get a bad rap, SolarCity's employees say they love what they do. Seventy percent of new hires are referred by current employees, which is how Val Ortega heard about the job.

"I saw how happy he was and I wanted to see what that happiness was about. I enjoyed what I was doing at the gym, and just every day facebook, facebook that's all he talked about every day was how happy he was and I sent my resume in and 30 minutes later they called," Ortega said. So, was it as good as his friend said? "I don't feel like I work. Every day I come in and it's just fun," Ortega added.

Anyone interested in contacting SolarCity about a job is asked to contact Kevin Fink, at (714) 606-0904, or