Harry Stockman

ABC10's Harry Stockman. Photo by ABC10.
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Harry Stockman has been forecasting and reporting the weather on Northern California TV for over 35 years. Over this time, he's reported on three California droughts and received an Emmy for his reporting on the Oakland Fire.

Harry first joined ABC10 in 1983 as chief meteorologist and stayed until 1995, then returned in the early 2000s. Altogether, he's worked 27 years at ABC10.

Harry grew up on a farm in the San Joaquin Valley where his family had a small vineyard. His upbringing gave him an appreciation of the role weather plays in the cultivating and harvesting of crops and the importance of agriculture in our lives.

Later in life, Harry consultedABC10for a number of agricultural co-ops and large growers in California including California Canners and Growers, Tri-Valley Growers, Guild Wineries and many others.

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Harry showed an early aptitude for science. In 7th grade, he was sent to Galileo High School in San Francisco to take science courses where he spent most of his time in the lab building radios and amplifiers.

In 1995, Harry left television to work in Silicon Valley for Ocean Routes, later to be purchased by the Japanese weather channel, Weathernews. Harry lead the team that built the weather section for Yahoo and later helped build weather sites for USA Today, Terra, Infoseek, and numerous other websites from the .com era.

His success on the web led to being promoted to acting CEO and V.P. of Marketing and Sales for Weathernews, a company with 110 employees including 70 scientists, mostly meteorologists and software developers.

As an entrepreneur, Harry founded Weather Network, one of the first attempts to organize and deliver weather information via a computer. In 2001, he founded Qwikcast.com, a website that forecasts for 100,000 locations worldwide.

Harry has worked for a number of other Northern California television stations. He was chief meteorologist at KRON TV in San Francisco, Science and Environmental reporter at KRON, and weekend weather person at KTVU in Oakland. Also, he was syndicated on radio including KFBK Sacramento, KMJ Fresno, and several other stations around California and Nevada.

Harry studied weather under Harry Geise, who taught meteorology at Sonoma State, but may be better remembered as the weatherman at KCRA in the '70s.

Harry loves to hike, cross-country ski, snowshoe, bicycle, and weight lift. His hobbies include macroeconomics, national politics, and gardening.

You can contact Harry at hstockman@abc10.com or connect with him on Facebook.