Netflix has officially cut ties with Kevin Spacey, which leaves their hit show House of Cards in a sort of limbo state.

Spacey is facing multiple sexual abuse allegations, the first accusation was brought against the actor on October 29. Since then 13 other victims have come forward.

Many Netflix fans are now wondering what will happen to the 6th, and final, season of House of Cards. However one fan has come up with a pretty popular suggestion.

Robbie Pyma took to to ask why not switch out one Kevin for another?

The trending online petition suggests offering the role of President Francis Underwood to comedy actor Kevin James.

"I think Kevin James can elevate "House of Cards" to globally adored franchise like "Game of Thrones"" wrote Pyma.

Since the petition's creation, over 38,000 people have signed it. If it reaches its 50,000 signature goal it will then be sent to the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings.