Books are a great way to learn, process and engage with other people. Typically, we see a lot of book clubs in coffee shops, libraries, schools and everywhere in between. Though, in this age of computers and the internet, people can now share their love for books online with people from their hometown, to others around the globe! If you’re interested in joining a book club, here are a few options that you can join at the click of a mouse!

CapRadio Reads:

If you’re in the Sacramento area, you don’t need to go that far to discuss books with people close to you. Capital Public Radio, right here in town, has their own book club that meets both in person and online! The moderator of the of the club posts a monthly book selection that is carefully thought and varies on topic. Members of the group are then encouraged to read and discuss the book through their online conversations. You can post your opinions on your time, 24 hours a day. Along with online discussions, the group also meets once a month where members can talk about the book, though these meeting only have space for 40 readers. Registration for CapRadio Reads is free, but you may be charged for special events.

Multicultural Book Club:

The city of Elk Grove’s Multicultural Committee also has their own online book club called the Multicultural Book Club. Here in this city, there is a ton of diverse cultures. In fact, Elk Grove was among the top 25 most diverse places in the entire nation in 2010. Through this this club, the idea of books is to educate and gain respect for other cultures. Through their extensive reading lists for adults, teens and kids, the Multicultural Committee hopes to teach and enlighten readers for all ages. You can also join this online book club for free.

Our Shared Shelf:

Some of us are always interested in meeting new people through books. One of the best online book clubs that has members from all over the world is Our Shared Shelf. Organized by actor and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson, this book club has over 200,000 members that discuss topics such as feminism, human rights and solidarity. How the group works is that Wastson chooses a new book every month. Then members of the club are encouraged to engage in online discussion boards to talk about the book. Watson herself sometimes joins in on the conversations and sometimes, even gets the author or expert of the topic to join in their conversations. You can join the group whenever and wherever you would like for free.

The History Book Club:

History is a very important topic. It tells us the story of mankind and what has happened throughout existence. It’s also a favorable genre for all sorts of book lovers, but if you have trouble sharing your passion for history with others, there’s an online book club you can join. The History Book Club on GoodReads has thousands of members from over 170 countries around the world. It is the largest history and nonfiction group on the site. As part of this group, members can partake in online discussions with others about several different history books and topics. The group also has several readathons, polls and even giveaways. It’s a club that is open to everyone and welcomes suggestions for all sorts of history-related books.