In an ever-busy world where people seem to have too much going on, methods of convenience are always available.

For some families, it might be more beneficial to save time when it comes to grocery shopping. Or is it?

According to research done earlier this year by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the cost of food spent for a family of two is between $88 and $175. Add two more to the family and the bill can range anywhere between $128 and $250.

So how do food delivery services like Blue Apron and Home Chef match up to a trip to the store?

For Blue Apron, the service can offer two meals for four people delivered once a week. In one package, one of the meals provided is Za- atar Chicken Souvlaki. The recipe calls for four chicken breasts, four pocketless pitas, tahini sauce, an onion and few other items. Ultimately, the cost of the meal to feed four is close to $35.

Now if you decided to go aisle by aisle at the grocery store for the same dish, the price is pretty close.

The chicken would cost nearly $10, pitas around $3, yogurt for $1 and the jar of Tahini would be about $11. Granted, the store only offers a jar of Tahini rather than the packet Blue Apron gives in their service.

In total, the cost of ingredients at the store was about $36. Of course, you would now have some other ingredients. Meaning maybe, the store price might not add up to the whole price of a delivery service.

So if the price of learning a new recipe outweighs having leftovers for lunch, it might be worth a shot to try a service.

If you do choose to try one, here are a few price comparisons.

Both Blue Apron and Hello Fresh price their meals from anywhere between $8.74 and $9.99 per serving and plan. Home Chef offers all of their meals at $9.95 per serving and Munchery can offer a meal anywhere from $8 - $18.