To find peace within, sometimes you have to clear your mind – that's the philosophy behind meditation.

"It's been incredibly beneficial. One of the things I’ve taken up in my life,” said Liam Keating, a member of the Sacramento Dharma Center.

He’s been meditating for 15 years and within that time, he says he’s become a calmer person.

"We all face stress and suffering in our life and meditation is a way to work with that much more skillfully,” Keating said.

The center offers Buddhist meditation programs, but they welcome people of all faiths. Facilitators say you don't have to be a spiritual, person but it helps.

"What you may need is a willingness to have a life that you help create that is a good life,” Helen Hobart, board member at the Dharma Center, said. “Some people might say that's a spiritual aspiration, but it could just be practical.”

As practical as finding yourself stuck in a traffic jam and needing an outlet to relieve some stress.

There are different types of meditation, from simply just taking a few deep breaths to quietly sitting down for a few minutes and reflect or moving your entire body.

"Movement meditation gives people a chance to use their whole body to come to a place of self-awareness and stillness,” Hobart said.