All this week, we are helping you love yourself in all aspects of your life – both personal and professional.

So, when it comes to your line of work, are you content? Say you put in over 40 hours at work each week and dedicate your life to your career, but you’re still not getting the results you want. Should you quit? Get a new job? Go in a different field or is that too drastic?

Clinical psychologist Dr. Andrew Mendonsa says you should focus on what makes you happy in your job and what you’re proud of.

“A lot of us got into the profession for one reason and it’s kind of morphed into something different," Mendonsa said. "You don’t have to be stale, you don’t have to be happy and content and stay there. Happy and contentment can also help us grow as well."

But if work keeps getting you down, is there a time where you need to pull the plug and switch gears?

“If you’re coming home and can’t be happy at home because of your work and it’s affecting your relationships, it’s affecting the time with your kids, then that’s really the time where you need to take a look and say, ‘maybe this isn’t the right thing',” Mendonsa said.

If you just had a bad day at work, then there’s no need to reprioritize.

Mendonsa says loving yourself is all about balance. If you have to do a few things you don’t like to accomplish a future goal at work, then maybe your focus should be on a daily dose of something non work-related to make you happy.