Maybe skiing or snowboarding isn’t your thing, but there are other methods of fun that don’t require lessons. If you have ever ridden a bike, then you can try your hand at fat biking!

Equipped with fatter tires, these bikes making riding on the snow a breeze. The low pressure in the tires make it possible for snow and sand to grip easier. They’re a different type of fun aside from your usual winter hobbies and there are a couple places around Lake Tahoe, Bear Valley and Mammoth Mountain.

At Bear Valley Cross Country, you can rent a fatbike for $20 an hour or $50 for the whole day. The rental also includes a trail pass which can let you explore over 35 trails around the area.

If you decided to head up towards Mammoth Mountain, will also let you rent out a fatbike for $20 an hour or $75 for the full day. If you’re still deciding what tracks to check out, they can range up from Lake Basin Path for beginners, Shady Rest for average riders and Mountain View for more advanced.

For Lake Tahoe, we dug up a place that lets you rent bikes from $7 an hour to $30 a day! You can even take a fatbike tour with Tahoe Mountain Guides who offer an hour-long tour around the lake for $90 a person.