If you have a taste for adventure and a need for an adrenaline rush, then how about taking a trip down the American River?

Earlier this month, the South Fork of the American River began to rise a little higher than it would in the summer. So rafting down this part of the river creates a slightly more exciting experience than compared to rafting in the summer. 

When it comes to the North Fork, it is important to note that is not dam controlled. So depending on the snow pack from winter, it can determine the strength of the rapids on the river. As of now, it is recommended that anyone under the age of 14 shouldn't tour the North Fork. It is recommended to call and ask about the conditions before securing the trip.

Though it is not recommended to travel on the Middle Fork at this time due to excessive snow melt and slightly higher water levels. Trips for these types of runs should be starting around May and will usually go through September.

At American White Water Expeditions, they are having some trips down river. As of April, they are offering trips down the North and South Forks of the River. Depending on your skill level, it is advised to try the South Fork expeditions that are more for beginners. The 15-mile trip is about 6 hours long can range from $115- $139 depending on the day. For those with a little more experience, North Fork trips are offered starting at $129.

At White Water Tours, there are a few trips being offered for all sorts of ages starting this month. From the family-recommended trips on the South Fork, to intermediate trips on the North Fork, prices can range from $78 to $138.