When people think of bugs, they think just of pesky creatures. Whether it be a fly buzzing around their head, getting bit by a mosquito or walking into a spider’s web, insects create only problems.

Or do they?

In some instances, the insect world can be beneficial to both photographers and scientists.

At the Department of Food and Agriculture in Sacramento, Dr. Shaun Winterton is using photography to discover all sort of bugs and their habitats.

“There are some really cool insects in the forest around here,” Winteron said. “You dig around in the soil, particularly in the deserts, you can come up with some of the coolest insects."

While the public might find the creepy crawlers to be a hazard to their home, Winterton says that he hopes his photos won’t bring fright, but instead fascination.

“I take advantage of digital photography to really present my research in a way that’s engaging and really show charismatic insects in their natural habitat," Winterton said.

So, the next time you think a mosquito is annoying, remember scientist are using them and photography to better study the species.