Once Thanksgiving comes and goes this Thursday, we'll be in full Christmas preparation mode, and that means many will start setting out their holiday decor.

Most have seen the traditional nativity sets with Mary, Joseph and other important figures from the story of the birth of baby Jesus. However, there is now a new take on the traditional décor that’s geared toward millennials.

A set offered by Modernnativity.com turns the traditional set on its head.

They offer Joseph with his jean shirt and man bun taking a selfie with Mary making a duck face. Even baby Jesus is in a beanie because, as the story goes, it was a cold night.

Don’t worry, though. Their stable is equipped with solar power to warm things up.

The three wise men have their own hipster outfits, but instead of riding on camels, they arrive on Segways with gifts from Amazon.

The shepherd is there too, but he is not paying attention because he is too busy posting a photo of it all to social media. His animals, on the other hand, are 100 percent organic and well-dressed.

This could be on display at your house during the holidays for $129.99.

Turn your nose or even laugh at it, but it may be the perfect decor for some millennial out there.