On a cold and snowy Thursday, caretakers at a Broomfield Church's early learning center saw smoke.

Even though the weather wasn't conducive to outdoor activities, the staff at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church knew when they saw and smelled smoke, they needed to get the kids out safely.

They pulled the fire alarm and North Metro Fire Rescue came to investigate.

Firefighters did more than locate the source of the smoke (which was harmless, just a burned belt inside an outside HVAC unit).

While crews searched for the smoke's source, fire crews took the littlest ones inside the back of a paramedic unit, and wrapped the babies up in blankets and kept them warm, dry, and happy.

It took about 45 minutes to locate the source of the smoke since firefighters had to search the entire building.

Some of the older kids at the daycare went to a nearby Burger King.

Turns out the smoke from the HVAC unit had gotten into the vents. The all clear was given a short time later.

North Metro Fire caught these cute moments inside the cozy paramedic unit!

"Having to evacuate when it's cold and rainy outside is not fun. However, these little ones at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church didn't seem to mind relocating to the back of our ambulance while crews investigated the source of smoke inside the building. Thanks to other businesses in the area that also provided a warm and dry shelter for the kids and staff until they were able to return."