BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- World War II veteran Robert Coles from Machias will be making his trip to Pearl Harbor in December for the 75th anniversary of the attack that he survived thanks to a number of generous people who saw his story and donated money to help him make the trip.

The largest donation of all came from a fellow veteran. Adam Moscovitz of Bangor donated $7,000 to Mr. Coles.

If you walk around the office at Moscovitz's Real Estate Management Company, you can tell instantly he’s a World War II buff. On the walls are instrument panels from B-52 bombers, pieces of aircraft, models of planes and WWII photographs on nearly every wall.

"It was a different time. It was a period where people were really loyal and honest and I think we've kind of lost that in our society today," he explained.

Those are the same sentiments uttered by Robert Coles just days ago as he spoke of his desire to return to Pearl Harbor for the 75th anniversary of the attack.

"There's not many of those guys left so I thought it was really important to make sure that he was going to be at that 75th reunion and to make sure his story continues on," Moscovitz said.

That's one reason why Adam Moscovitz opened up his checkbook and made a donation. But the other reason goes back to something he says he learned in basic training: That fellow servicemen and women take care of their own. Something two of his friends did for him when he was picked to go to Iraq with the 172nd Mountain Company in Brewer. Both of his friends, Travis Bickford and Seth Coolbrith, volunteered to go to watch his back.

"It's that kind of dedication and commitment as to why I also donated to Robert Coles," he said.

Mr. Coles and a traveling companion raised more than $12,000 on their GoFundMe page and are now making plans for the trip in early December.