In my continued quest to save you time and money, today we could potentially save a life with the best fire suppression system I've ever tested.

I'd like to begin with a huge thank you to the many heroes in our community and a local fire chief who weighed in. Today a one push non-toxic easy to use fire extinguisher alternative is also our favorite way to save!

It's unfortunately fire season. Between fire places and chimney fires, kitchen fires with all the holiday hosting right around the corner and other issues, having a fire killer on hand is key.

Fire extinguishers are great but they require prep and in a panicked state, they are not the most simple split second device to operate. The FireAde personal fire suppression system performs like a fire extinguisher but is so easy even a child can use it. By no means are we suggesting that fire extinguishers aren't effective but as fire fighters explained to us, this product is as simple as spraying air freshener and ideal before a fire gets out of control.

The FireAde suppression system:

- is the easiest to use out of any product we tested
- can quickly extinguish a barbeque, kitchen, garage or household fire before it spreads
- instantly cools
- is non-toxic, non corrosive
- environmentally safe and biodegradable
- helps eliminate damage due to high heat
- lowest recorded price today
- compact and ready for your car
- ideal for campsites an RV or boat

$16 Off FireAde THREE PACK + Free Shipping
Was: $46.00
Now: $29.99

In the event of any fire, you want to call 911 and leave the premises but if a kitchen or BBQ fire is not out of control, and you have the ability to control it before this get worse, FireAde is tremendous.

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