Happy Tech Tuesday! In our continued quest to save you as much cash as humanly possible, today almost every Apple Watch feature at an unprecedented price.

Since the summer we've been testing a variety of top smart watch and fitness trackers but thanks to a great price drop, this is a product that more people can afford than ever before.

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At $57 off, the water-resistant Elegiant smart watch is our top choice. Unlike the Apple Watch which is at least $200 more, today's deal does not require a recent iPhone to function. It pairs with both Apple and Android devices alongside the following features:

- Durable stainless steel
- Sleep monitor
- Pedometer
- Fitness tracker
- Social media alerts from all your connected networks
- Email notifications
- Workout recommendation tool
- Built in tracking in the event of loss
- Take photos via smartphone remote
- Pairs with both Apple (iOS 8.8 or higher) and Android Devices (4.4 or higher)
- 72 hour stand by battery time
- Water resistant
- Lowest recorded price

$57 Off Elegiant Fitness Tracker and Smart Watch + Free Shipping
Was $127.25
Now: $69.99
**Full smart watch demo right here

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