Less than a day after the deadly attack in London, a screenshot from Sky News video showed a man running from the scene with a beer in hand.

There were four young men behind the man with the pint in his hand and according to the Sacramento Bee, they are from Folsom.

In the photo from left to right is 20-year-old Jordan Stephen in the black and red shirt, 19-year-old Starry Faircourt in the collared shirt, 20-year-old River Allen in the striped shirt and 19-year-old Spencer Gilbert in a black t-shirt. Three of the four attend Folsom Lake College and according to the article, they were on a three-week European backpacking trip.

Gilbert's father wrote on a Folsom Chat wall after he saw the photo and article in the Sacramento Bee.

The post read: "Some Folsom guys (including my son) in the news as part of that photo of "London Pint Guy" that's going viral. I was doing *okay* (or as okay as can be expected) after he told me they were safe. But there's something about seeing your boy running for safety :( "

The photo has been shared all over the world and has now gone viral, many just weighing in on the man holding the beer.