It's a family's last hope to get save their baby's life.

After being cleared of cancer baby Zane's doctors discovered it wasn't over yet. Now the family is scrambling to get him to New York for a life-saving treatment.

Though he's lost his hair and bandages cover his tiny head and body, it's hard to miss baby Zane's big blue eyes.

The little fighter hangs on to his dad's hand in Christus Santa Rosa's pediatric ICU downtown.

Zane was diagnosed with neuroblastoma about a year ago. The cancer commonly affects children and developed in his belly. He underwent chemo and was almost at the finish line.

But during the final phase of his therapy doctors discovered his cancer came back.

"He was cancer free," explained his dad, Jeremy Nelson. "But he has relapsed. The cancer spread to his brain.”

Zane had two brain surgeries last week. Doctors said he needs to be transferred to a specific hospital in New York City.

KENS 5 sat down with his doctor, Dr. Sheila Thampi, from the pediatric hematology/oncology department at Christus Santa Rosa downtown.

“Not a lot of good options when it comes to the brains but our colleagues in New York have some promising therapies and were hopeful he'll have a good fighting chance from this," Dr. Thampi said.

Already financially drained, his parents started a GoFundMe account to raise $30,000.

So far $4,800 donated in two days, but they said time is precious.

The family said they fear without the treatment Zane may only have six months to live.

“Going to New York is his only chance at survival,” his father said.

Meantime his family and big sister Addison shower him with kisses.

For more information on Zane and to donate, you can visit