BUCKEYE, Ariz. - Easter Sunday 2015, Vikki Burdine and her daughter Jayme decided to go on a horse carriage ride -- something they've done many times -- with Jayme's youngest son.

"I've played through my mind every day, 100 times a day how that situation could have been different.," Vikki said, "almost with the belief that it would change things."

She said feels a guilty at times, because it was her idea and she was steering the horses.

Those same horses started running at full speed out of nowhere. With no way to stop them, Jayme took her 11-month-old child in her arms, held him against her belly to keep him safe as they jumped from the runaway carriage.

Medics were at the scene quickly with a fire department only yards away. The toddler, Stylz, survived.

The medics were not able to save Jayme's life, but their efforts allowed for her organs to be used for life-saving donations -- saving five people.

"It's pretty remarkable that not only did her actions save my grandson," Burdine said, "but that she was able to go on and [save lives]," said Burdine.

Jayme donated her lungs, her kidneys, her pancreas, her liver, her corneas, her heart values and other tissue.

"If you put into perspective how heartbroken you are at the moment," said Burdine, "and you can keep someone else's family from feeling that heartbreak, there is no question that you should donate."

For more information about donating, visit dnaz.org. You can read more about Jayme's story here.