A beautiful bouquet of tulips sit in the middle of Krystle Thacker's living room in Marvyille, Tenn. They are a gift from an unexpected stranger.

Thacker suddenly lost her mother JoAnn Potter this week at only 57 years old.

"They found her in her bed. I guess she had just went to sleep and it was her heart," Thacker said.

As the week progressed, many people reached out to Thacker; some people she's known forever and some she considers strangers.

One unexpected gift showed up on Thacker's doorstep a few days ago, a bouquet of tulips and a heartwarming note.

"My first words were 'Wow,'" Thacker said. "A lady that I don't even know, a stranger who I had a brief conversation with sent me these flowers in memory of mama."

What was even more surprising was who the flowers came from.

"I'm so glad we could talk. I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my heart and thoughts during this difficult time. Sincerely, Jenna, (from) Capital One," the note said.

Thacker remembers calling Capitol One earlier in the week to see if she could use her credit card miles to go to her mother's funeral. She doesn't remember much else about the conversation.

"I think she asked me about how my week was going and I told her I'm out of state and my mom passed away and I was actually crying on the phone with her," Thacker said.

When she realized the flowers were from the woman she talked to at Capital One, she was speechless.

"I was shocked. It made me tear up. It made my heart just feel like there are people out there who really genuinely care about what you are going through in life," she added.

Thacker has a message for Jenna from Capital One for her sweet gesture that touched her heart.

"I've got chills right now just thinking about what she's done so I just want to say thank you for doing that because you don't see that everyday," Thacker said.

10News attempted to reach Jenna with Capital One but have not heard back as of Friday evening.

Another customer service employee with the company said situations like this are not uncommon. Employees are encouraged to reach out and show their customers they care, if they feel inclined to do so.