It started with a love story, as it so very often does. But this isn't your typical romance; it's a romance between two people and the world.

Corrin Madden and Jordan Arnold, who live in Pennsylvania, are on a mission to spread love by doing something so simple, yet awe-inspiring. The power couple whose paths crossed over three years ago have been putting motivational, kind-hearted messages filled with love into a jar and sending them out to people who need the positive energy in their lives.

It's a peace movement called the "Little Love Jar."

"The Little Love Jar is a gift, but more than anything it's teaching all of us to focus on the good, the beautiful things and on each other," Madden expressed.

Capturing the good in a time where there is a plethora of tension in the world can without a doubt make a difference.

"We believe the little things are big. All the news we get is so beautiful and inspiring," the couple voiced.

But as you may or may not know if it isn't love then it probably isn't entrepreneurship. And in case you forgot, this is a love story.

They couldn't have been more different. She was from Wyoming, he was from Philadelphia and somehow their paths aligned in a business class that happened to be about entrepreneurship.

"We didn't talk a lot during the business class, but the last class I decided to ask her out on a date. She said 'yes' and the next day we went out," Arnold laughed.

The two, who had both previously been married and each had three kids, shared stories and traditions of their past and stumbled upon something Madden had been doing for years: the Little Love Jar.

What started off as a healing jar for an older couple, who Madden had become extremely close to, turned into a tradition she continued for years to come. And as you probably already guessed Arnold became another person Madden decided to share positive energy with by gifting him a "Little Love Jar."

That's when it all took off. Arnold loved the idea so much that the two entrepreneurs decided to collaborate together and share their love with the rest of the world.

To date they have made "Little Love Jars" for everything from birthdays, to people struggling with addiction to kids dealing with their parents' divorce.

Madden and Arnold round up all of the messages of wisdom and love from the family members and friends online. They then copy and paste all of the messages, print them out, cut them, fold them and put them into a jar. On average a jar takes anywhere between three to five hours to complete.

Although they don't mind the process right now and feel like it's "made with so much love." They set up a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising enough funds to reduce some of the manual labor so they can produce more jars.

"We are probably always going to fold the paper and put it in the jar," they added. But a little help can never hurt, especially when it's for something good.

Besides racing against time to try and raise $50,000 for their Kickstarter campaign, the couple has big game plans and goals for the "Little Love Jar."

"In a perfect world we'd love to get into different languages," Arnold said.

Other goals including finding a way to get schools involved, giving jars to veterans and finding ways to donate jars to people going through cancer treatment are on the list.

But as Madden stated so well: "dreams need time, patience and love to grow."

So for now they will do what they can and continue to change the world, one jar at a time.