Shocking surveillance footage has been going viral locally of home invasions and robberies allegedly in South Sacramento.

Community members in a neighborhood watch group on Facebook say Asians, especially elders, in those areas are being targeted.

One robbery victim willing to speak with ABC10 asked to remain anonymous, so we'll refer to him as Jim.

Jim said he was home with his family and heard two loud bangs on the door.

"Next thing you know, multiple people rushed in. [They were] armed with firearms... demanded cash and property," Jim said. "At that moment, we were just hoping for the best... I can't even think of what went through my mind after it happened."

Stories like Jim's have been sparking outrage on social media.

In some surveillance footage, you can see people being held at gunpoint. In others, you see a group of people breaking down doors and invading homes.

One Chinese man who barely speaks English says a group of suspects broke down his door and rushed in, showing that they had guns. The man says the suspects demanded money, hit him in the head, and he fell down. He called 911 after realizing how much he was bleeding.

That man still has scars on his head from the horrifying incident that just happened in July. Unlike many other victims though, this man isn't scared. He says if it happens again, he will be armed this time.

Other community members, who also wanted to remain anonymous for safety reasons, said these robbers even brag that it is "too easy" and record themselves while in action.

"It's really difficult because your home is supposed to be [somewhere you feel safe]," Jim said. "Just knowing I'd rather be elsewhere other than my's just really sad."

Jim said as a younger Asian-American, he felt the need to speak out, because most of the victims who are older Asians don't always speak English.

"They just have a language barrier," said Jim. "I think [robbers] think us Asians will not talk to law enforcement [and] will keep it within the community."

The Sacramento Police Department said they sent out an alert via NextDoor in March, warning South Sacramento residents of increases in armed robberies targeting Asians. Most of these were happening in Avondale, Fruitridge Manor, Southeast Village, and Glen Elder. Police said several robberies happened while the victims were at home getting out of their car.

Police believe some suspects might be following the victims from other locations.

Jim said many people in his neighborhood are paranoid and feel as if they're being watched. He said he doesn't even feel safe in public, for fear he will be followed home.

"You might possible become a victim," Jim said. "Keep spreading the word... we're definitely trying to be more aware of our surroundings."