The Armijo Superband is an award winning high school marching band that is scheduled to perform and march in this year’s Fourth of July parade in Washington DC.  

On Monday, the high school near downtown Fairfield was broken into. Thieves targeted the band’s storage room over the weekend and made off with thousands of dollars in musical instruments. 

"The school and the district are very disappointed," Sheila Barrett McCabe of Fairfield-Suison Unified School District said. "When something like this happens, they’re stealing from our kids."

Fairfield police have no leads on a suspect yet, but not too long ago, district officials let us know that thanks to the help of an anonymous donor and the music programs at both Fairfield and Rodriguez High School, every band member at Armijo now has an instrument to practice with.

For the stolen instruments out there, almost every one of them is tagged with a serial number, so they should be difficult to re-sell.