Duval district officials say they don’t know why someone put “Colored” and “Whites only” hand-written signs above two water fountains at First Coast High school Thursday.

They are still investigating the incident and don’t know which students were involved yet.

The images were posted on social media pages Thursday. District officials said school staff took the signs down once they were reported.

Schools and district headquarters are closed today in honor of Veterans Day.

First Coast High has had struggles in recent years with parents and students unhappy with some events at the school, including social media postings showing students fighting, shouiting and walking in and out of classrooms.

Also, groups of parents and a few teachers had protested the appointment of Alvin Brennan as school principal two years ago. Brennan retired during the last school year and has been replaced by Principal Timothy Simmons.

But district officials said it appeared the school had calmed down in recent months.

Statement from Dr. Vitti:

"The signs placed on top of the fountains are completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated by our school district. We are investigating the matter to determine who is behind the action to provide the appropriate discipline and counseling."