Thinking about trimming your tree earlier than usual? One Bay Area shelter is asking you to wait.

The Peninsula Humane Society & SCPA in Burlingame saw a "dramatic rise" in the amount of baby squirrels being brought in for wildlife care. The shelter is caring for nearly 100 baby squirrels, most of which fell out of trees because of tree trimming.

“Many of the squirrels have fallen out of their nests, have been caught by cats or have lost their homes due to people trimming their trees not realizing there is a squirrel nest in the tree," said PHS/SPCA communications manager Buffy Martin Tarbox.

According to the shelter, most of the squirrels suffered from broken teeth and head trauma. The animals will be treated with steroid medications and fed with a milk formula until they can eat on their own. It'll be anywhere from two to three months before the baby squirrels can be released.

The shelter recommends that people hold off on their tree trimming until late fall to help prevent further increases on baby squirrels in local wildlife care centers.