We caught up with people around the State Capitol and asked them about Monday's total solar eclipse, which Sacramento will see more than 70 percent of.

"It's just not something you see everyday, so it's going to be interesting to watch," said Jack Galvez.

Others did not know there would be an eclipse happening Monday, but said they would be interested in watching.

Weather is another important thing to watch with Monday's eclipse and visibility, according to Bill, of Sacramento, on his plans for viewing the eclipse.

We also met some eclipse enthusiasts.

"Our building has 21 floors, so I'm hoping to go up there and watch it from there," said Jody McClellan, who even remembers the October 2014 partial solar eclipse.

Monday's eclipse is expected to take place during the morning hours for California and the West Coast.

"You have to have the proper glasses and all that," said Ruby Akinsanya, who'll be with her son during the eclipse.