Today we are covering training with the Afghan Tactical Air Coordinators (ATAC)

The ATAC will be working with the MD-530s prior to going out to operation Mylon Ten for support.

"It is an opportunity to get these guys any and all live rehearsals before going out there to get some practice in."

But these are their normal dress rehearsals. The Marines are training the Afghans on how to call in air strikes to support their fellow Afghan Security Forces on the ground during the upcoming operation.

"In a real world situation, as those friendly forces move into whatever objective areas they have identified," explained Capt. Walters. "They'll then be prepared to use MD-530s, or MI-17s if necessary, to support whatever is necessary."

The Marines only have a few days left before the operation, but they're confident in the ATACs ability to utilize their training successfully in the field.

"It's going to add another dimension that we can attack the Taliban with, and cause them to lose ground, and allow ANDSF forces the ability to take that ground."