DeKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- A DeKalb firefighter is being credited for his quick thinking and heroic action on Tuesday – ultimately saving a baby’s life.

That firefighter caught the child as neighbors at the Parc at Glenwood Apartments escaped a fire.

“A life is definitely something you never want to lose so I’m definitely happy I was able to help that father and the baby,” firefighter Robert Sutton said.

When DeKalb County firefighters arrived to a call, in the second-floor window stood a father yelling for help. One of those firefighters said he was in the right place at the right time and jumped into action.

 “We pulled up; we see a lot of smoke and flames,” Sutton said. “At first, we didn’t know it was an actual entrapment.”

Sutton said he came around the corner of the building and someone pushed a screen out from a second-floor window.

“I started making my way back and that is when I actually seen the father,” he said.

That’s when the man began yelling for help.

“Walking toward that area and I see the father actually holding the baby outside the window and that is when I ran over,” Sutton said.

Sutton said his training from DeKalb fire instantly kicked in. Seeing that the father was near the window, he made sure he was in the right spot to make a catch.

“I told the father to drop him and as soon as he dropped him, I grabbed him and ran him straight to the med unit,” he said.

The child checked out fine and had no injuries. Despite saving a life, there is one thing Sutton isn’t comfortable being called – a hero.

“I never want to take gratitude for something that I’m supposed to do,” he said. “Anybody here on the scene would have done the same thing.”

Firefighters said that after getting the child out, they made sure everyone else made it out alive including the baby’s father. There were no serious injuries to report.