HALL COUNTY, Ga. -- Two firefighters went above and beyond to help a young girl involved in a scary car accident.

Summer Ginn recounted the act of kindess in a posting on MyAtlantaMomsClub.com.

Ginn wrote that on the morning of November 1, she lost control of her car, ran off the road and hit several trees. She said she suffered a deep gash in her hand and her right hand "was ripped to shreds."

Despite the pain, Ginn said her one concern was her daughter Raelyn, who is autistic and doesn't speak.

"My sweet baby was terrified, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it," Ginn wrote.

That's when Ginn said Sgt. Brian Gregory and Caleb Rumbaugh of Hall County Fire Services arrived.

The firefighters tried calming the little girl, but nothing seemed to work. Then Ginn asked for one thing.

“Will you please sing ‘Wheels On the Bus’ to her?”

They did. For the entire 20 minute ambulance ride to the hospital, the two firefighters comforted the scared little girl with their singing.

"Those moments of hearing nothing but your, um, original rendition of 'Wheels On the Bus' were my saving grace," Ginn wrote. "Because if I didn’t hear her crying, I knew she was okay. I knew if she was okay, then I would be fine."

Ginn said she'll always be grateful to the firefighters.

This story originally appeared on MyAtlantaMomsClub.com.