Let’s face it, a lot of families today are having two parents or a parent that works all day and doesn’t have the time to sit down and eat. These busy schedules also mean there will literally be zero time to probably stand in line waiting for food or to cook a family meal. Though fear not. There are quite a few places locally that can help fix your meal problems with a quick grab-n-go solution!

Fit Eats:

Imagine being able to have delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes that are locally made and delivered right to your door! It may feel like this idea is too crazy to exist, but Fit Eats does services just like this! From delicious meals like apple cinnamon pancakes in the morning, to braised balsamic chicken when you get home in the evening, Fit Eats can deliver it all to you. Some of the food might need to be reheated, but they are ready fresh and to be served on your plate! Prices for dishes can range from $8 to $10, depending on your dish. They also have sides, deserts and juices freshly made to add!

Valley Meal Prep:

Like Fit Eats, Valley Meal Prep is also a healthy alternative to the standard fast food drive-thru. The Owner and Head Chef, Matt Martin cooks up some delicious grab-n-go items such as protein chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, chicken fajita bowls for lunch and even sirloin steaks for dinner! All of which can delivered straight to your family dinner table. Valley Meal Prep can even make you pre-designed meal packs that can be ready to serve! Meal packs can range from a single person to a whole family of four! Just know that if you order your dishes online, expect the delivery to be made a day later. Prices for dishes can range from $7 to $10 and meal plans start at $80.

Pro Train Food for Fitness:

For those that are heavily active in exercising and weight lifting, eating the right food is a main reason to refuel and recover your body. At Pro Train Food for Fitness, the meal prepping and plans have never been easier. The service offers several different meal plans depending on your protein intake and delivers dishes such as turkey chorizo breakfast burritos and shrimp fajitas with brown rice. If you don’t know what exactly you are looking for in a healthy meal plan, their staff will gladly set you up with one that fits daily lifestyle and goals.

Sampino’s Towne Foods:

Want to try a different spin on your lunch break? Well if you're down towards F Street, Sampino’s Towne Foods can offer delicious and authentic Italian dishes in several grab-n-go options. This place has several items including meatball sandwiches, delicious salads and several Italian dishes. They are open Monday thru Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

La Bou:

Is your family craving a healthy and delicious alternative to a standard meal? La Bou is a place to give a try. This restaurant offers a full to-go option where you can call in and pick up in almost no time at all! Their menu has several options ranging from tasty pastries, sandwiches, pastas. Also, if you are planning on feeding a few other people, they have portion options that can feed up to twelve people! La Bou has several locations throughout Northern California.