DALLAS -- Gracie Garza has always loved children. So, after she got married in 2002, it was natural for her to want her own.

She and her husband tried for two years.

“We started seeing a doctor after not being able to get pregnant” Garza said.

Gracie Garza's wedding photo

At the time, she was in her mid 20s. Soon after, Garza discovered she was high-risk.

“I did get pregnant, and I miscarried,” Garza said.

But it happened more than once.

“I've had ten miscarriages,” said the Ferris-area woman, who is now 36.

Gracie Garza

Doctors discovered a blockage in one of Garza’s fallopian tubes through something called the dye test.

“The test is done by placing a tube, typically, into the patient’s cervix,” explained Dr. Samuel Chantilis, a reproductive endocrinologist at Dallas Fertility Center.

The emotional trauma started to take its toll.

"I was devastated. I was heartbroken,” Garza said. “I felt there wasn't any chance for me to have a child because my tubes are blocked.”

She and her husband considered adoption, but Garza never gave up on her dream of giving birth to her own baby. Infertility specialists on staff at Texas Health Dallas were able to help to clear the blockage from one of Garza’s tubes and gave her medicine to stimulate ovulation.

It worked. Garza was pregnant again, but still worried.

“Every day, you're just wondering, ’Is today the last day? Tomorrow, am I going to start having problems? Am I going to end up in emergency? When do I get to bring my baby home?’” she said.

Gracie Garza and her husband welcome DJ into the world.

Garza documented her entire pregnancy, relishing in the moments she thought would never come.

She held on to hope, and today, Garza is blessed with a healthy baby boy named DJ, who is almost two.

“It’s amazing,” Garza said. “There are still days I look at him and I can't believe that he's mine. I remember the day we brought him home, and all the way home I cried, because I was like, ‘I’m getting to bring my baby home.’”

One of DJ's onesies is now framed in the Garzas' home.