Lower back pain is a terrible feeling, but physical therapy has been an effective treatment and usually can help ease the pain.

This isn't the only option to ease your pain, however.

Have you thought about doing yoga?

Yes, yoga.

According to findings published this week in the Annals of Internal Medicine, they showed that participants in yoga and physical therapy groups had "similar improvements in levels of pain and activity limitations."

The study looked at 320 adults of different racial backgrounds who suffered from chronic lower back pain. All of these adults were seen at a university hospital and seven community health centers.

The participants were all randomly assigned to one of three groups during the study. Either yoga classes every week for three months, 15 visits with a physical therapist over three months, or education (which involved getting a back pain self-help book and mailed newsletters).

"After three months, the yoga group attended more yoga sessions or practiced at home for another nine months and the physical therapy group had sessions with the physical therapist every two months or did physical therapy exercises at home for another nine months," according to the study.

The participants then answered questions about their level of back pain and limitations during activities. The use of pain medications was also monitored by researchers..

Yoga may be something people avoid, but this activity could be an option to treat your chronic lower back pain.