People who live in Las Vegas say the strip is quiet even for an average weekday.

However, over at a memorial down Las Vegas Boulevard, people weren't silent. We brought out a poster board and markers and asked people to share their messages and thoughts with us.

"We were here when it happened and it's just so surreal you can't take it in," Lee Wotman said, who is visiting from the UK.

Wotman is in Las Vegas with his wife. They've been here for a couple of weeks for vacation.

"We were downtown the night of the tragedy Sunday," Wotman said. "We just love coming to Vegas and we felt strongly that we had to come and pay our respects all the way from the UK.”

Many of the messages were simple. Some said #VegasStrong and showed support for the city.

"This affects everybody because we're all connected," Carmen Smith, a Las Vegas resident, said. "Whether it's happening in Paris or happening all over the world, we feel like it's happening to us. We feel it in our gut."

A unifying theme with all the messages is strength and showing even the youngest ones how important that is right now.

"Trying to show the kids everyone from Vegas sticks together," Albert Miller, a Las Vegas resident, said.

While the ink on the poster board will fade, the messages cannot be erased. They live on through people's hearts, minds and in memory of those who are now gone.