Police rounded up multiple weapons and arrested 20 gang members from Del Paso Heights and the Strawberry Manor neighborhood back in January. It was called Operation Challenger, and now a new round of suspected gang violence over the weekend just sent an 11-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl to the hospital.
As police continue looking for whoever opened fire at a child's birthday celebration in Mama Mark's Park young leaders like Ray Green with the Roberts Family Development Center is stepping up to try and give back. 
"It has really been a Sacramento effort to help the family. There are multiple families involved, actually," said Green who says the 11-year-old victim is being hailed a hero. "Yes. He is being called a hero. During the time of the shooting he was actually running to his 18-month-old sister, and he shielded her and took some of the fire. He was shot 3 times. He's stable right now. He is out of surgery. They may be doing surgery moving forward."
Green admits this shooting serves as a nerve-wracking reminder that as things heat up during the spring and summer months so do tempers. That's why neighborhood activists are working to provide positive outdoor activities on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights through events like Nightlife Turned Right.
"They have singing and basketball tournaments. They have talent shows. They have youth activities and parent activities," said Green. "They have food and games. It's really a time for the community to come together. We usually have it at the Robinson Community Center."
Meanwhile, Green tells ABC10 the youngest victim has been released from the hospital, and as the 11-year-old recovers Mom is getting help, too. according Green, the family was struggling with housing. 
"The community from all over came together and figured out a way to give them a stable place so when he does get released they will have a place to call home," said Green.