Talk about rare... Sacramento now has two albino deer believed to be from the same mother.

Video of first albino deer was taken about eight months ago. It could be seen walking along I-5 near the Sacramento Regional Sanitation District's Bufferlands which is a 2,100 acre wildlife reserve.

Video of the second Albino deer was captured in August by a hidden tail camera. Bufferlands Natural Resource Supervisor Bryan Young says there is not a picture of both albino deer together but staff has confirmed there are two of them.

"Yes, the one we were keeping an on last year it did turn out to be a buck. It has antlers but, the one we caught on this recent video is obviously a fawn. " said Young.

The location of the Bufferlands makes it difficult for deer to enter or leave the reserve. Interstate 5, a new shopping mall and several homes act as a wildlife fence.

Young believes the small deer population could be one reason for the rare offspring.

"I am not sure but, I have to assume it has something to do with genetics. We have a very small population of deer on the property, only a handful, so it's very possible that the same pair that produced the original albino deer also produced another one. " said Young.

The Bufferlands are off limits to the general public and there's no trespassing.

But on October 14, the staff will be opening the gates and letting people come in to walk the trails. That may be your only chance to see the albino deer.