Two local butchers are part of the U.S. team that will compete in the World Butchers Championships in Ireland next year.

And yes, you heard that right. The World Butchers Championships.

Danny Johnson and Paul Carras of Taylor’s Market in Curtis Park are two of the six butchers on the U.S. team. They were selected by the Butchers Guild in San Francisco.

The championship is reminiscent of “Iron Chef.”

“We have three hours and 15 minutes to break down a half beef, a half hog, a whole lamb,” Carras told ABC10. “There’s also a rabbit, duck and chicken. We also have to make a beef and pork sausage.”

Leading up to the championship, Johnson, the team captain, is hosting his teammates at Taylor’s for a “scrimmage.”

“We’re going to bring in all the animals we’ll have to cut up…and we’ll set a time clock for three hours and 15 min,” he explained. “We’re formulating a playbook…and then we’re going to put that into action and see how well we operate as a team and if we can pull what we want to do off in this time frame.”

Ultimately, the teams are judged on how they use the whole animal and how much of it they use, how much waste they have, how clean they are, how creative they are, how well they present and describe it, and how well they deliver cooking instructions, Johnson said.

The scrimmage will likely be in early August and open to the public. The other teammates are from San Francisco, Texas, South Carolina and Virginia.

The championship is March 20 and 21 in Belfast, Ireland.