Hundreds attended the 2017 California Honey Festival on May 6 in downtown Woodland, California.

The mission of the festival is to promote honey, bees, and beekeeping through an educational platform, according to the website. There were dozens of vendors selling honey, lotions and other items.

Vacaville High School Freshman Ryan Annenson, 15, presented his 4H Club project on bee hives at the festival.

Annenson started studying bees two years ago and has set up several hives in his backyard. He travels the state teaching people about bees.

"I did a lot of research and I realized how it important it is to have bees around,” said Annenson.

Northern California is a hub for bee keeping and commercial pollination. Bees help pollinate plants and help food grow.

Bee populations have been on the decline because of pesticide use and pests that are attacking hives. Annenson says with changes to the way we farm and the pesticides we use, could help resolve the issues effecting bees today.