A 22-year-old girl from Sacramento drowned in Pennsylvania.
Fiona Koell was found in a creek in Middlesex Township, Pa., according to ABC 27.
"Fiona is the goofiest person you'll ever meet in your whole life," said Kelly McCollum, friend. 
Also, according to Detective Gerald Steiglemen with Middlesex Township Police Department, Koell was traveling through and headed to a friend's house in Virginia. It's unclear what led her to the spring run over the weekend.
"You can't describe her, because she was one of a kind," said McCollum.
Steiglemen said she was found with bruises on her and it's consistent with falling on rocks or into the water.
Officials consider her death suspicious and ruling out suicide.
"She's been on the road for a long time, she's a transient type of person and traveled all around," said Coroner Charles Hall.
In messages, her family described her as sweet, loving, and fun and they will be lost without her.