For the past 50 years, every new highway patrol officer in the state of California has met, been greeted, and been served a meal from one man, Richard Lomax.

Earlier this week at the CHP Academy in West Sacramento, the agency honored Mr. Lomax’s service and commitment to the California Highway Patrol.

A special pin and a commemorative plaque are just icing on the cake to the legacy of Richard Lomax.

“Everybody thinks it’s a job, but for me it’s the love of food,” Lomax said.

Mr. Lomax loves the food, service, and friendship of the CHP Academy’s Dining Hall so much, he’s worked the last seven years there for free…. as a Senior Volunteer.

“If you find a job that you like, you enjoy, or you really love, you’ll never work a day,” Lomax said.

After 50 years and thousands of CHP officers and cadets met along the way, one officer who was especially nice to Mr. Lomax…is now the Commissioner and leader of the California Highway Patrol.

“This was a guy who took time to sit down with me on many weekends when I was a young officer and just talk when the whole Academy was empty,” Commissioner Joseph A. Farrow said.

“He’d be over on that side and me over here,” Lomax said.

“And I got to know a young Richard Lomax and he a young Joe Farrow, and we’d just start talking about family, friends, and the CHP and we just watched each other grow up, and it’s just such a great day that the man has been here 50 years,” Farrow said.

With 50 years down, Mr. Lomax still sees no end in sight.

“I didn’t have any plans to retire, and I don’t have any plans now, so we’ll see how far I’m gonna go,” Lomax said.

“I don’t think there is one patrol officer in the entire CHP who hasn’t met this man and had a positive interaction with him,” Farrow said. “He’s just a great role model of what it means to be a public servant.”

As you heard Lomax has no plans to stop volunteering at the Academy’s Dining Hall. However, if you want to see Lomax in action, you’ll have to join the CHP as the dining hall is closed to CHP personnel.