"He's better looking," said Emily Johnson, 75, of Solano County.

Emily was referring to her nurse, who was giving her a dose of her medicine at the Solano Community College evacuation shelter.

Emily is one of hundreds of evacuees staying at the shelter after being forced from her home because of the Atlas Fire. She has a chronic obstruction pulmonary disease, also known as COPD.

On Sunday afternoon, Emily said a law enforcement officer knocked on her door, telling her she needed to leave because the fire was getting closer.

"I said 'What! I got birds, I got dogs, I got medicines, I got oxygen!'" said Emily.

Emily and her friend spent that first night sleeping in their car.

"I've never been in this situation, having to sleep in a bed somewhere else not our home." said Emily.

Now she has the comforts of at least air mattresses and blankets at an evacuation shelter.

"Ain't nothing anybody hurting for [here]," she said. "Except wanting to go home. And I can't help that."

Emily's sense of humor and positive energy is providing some comic relief for the other evacuees as they go through a terrifying situation.

"She's special, one of the first ones I met in her," said Major Tracy Hartt with the Salvation Army. "Everybody likes [her]...beautiful heart."

Everybody at the shelter is doing what they can for Emily. When her oxygen tank was running low, they brought her a new machine, new tanks, and even a wheelchair to get around easily.