Yes, $75 million! That’s the asking price for Lake Tahoe most expensive real estate listing.

The 16,232 square foot mansion is built on a cliffside near Crystal Bay, Nevada. The home has eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and 13 fireplaces.

Stuart and Geri Yount call the mansion home with Stuart being the CEO of building supply company Fortifiber.

Crystal Point is what the Younts call the mansion. The 5.14 acre property is secluded from other homes in the incline village area. Geri Yount admits the home is so private no one can see her walk around naked.

“I can and do! You will notice we don’t have blinds on our master bedroom," he said.

The couple moved into Crystal Point in 1998. They both had a hand in just about every detail in the house.

“We worked with some of the greatest artist to get what we wanted,” said Stuart.

Modern luxuries can be found throughout the house. The private theater has state of the art sound and lighting and the ceiling turns into a starry night.

In the kitchen, there is room for 60 guests and down in the cellar you will find over 1,600 bottles of wine. There is even multiple game rooms with skee ball and a working slot machine.

“The kids are glued to the game room," said Geri.

The home includes two glass funiculars (which is basically an inclined elevator) to get from the garage to the house then to the beach house.

“It took me 10 years and 2 months to get the permit for beach house," said Stuart.

The wait was worth it as the 3,600 square foot beach house has a stunning view of the entire lake. The man-made beach is above the granite boulders and the boat dock is easily accessible.

Special detail went into the beach house with the furniture made out of rare wood and the flooring is stone with fossils embedded in it.

“This is truly a one of a kind iconic home," said Geri.

The real selling point of the home is the view. The large windows make up a majority of the house allowing you to monitor the white caps on the lake and watch the snow fall on incline ski resort, which makes it hard to believe the Yount’s would ever want to sell their dream home.

“We decided at our age its time to step back a little and enjoy life more and travel more… We really want to downsize," said Stuart.

For $75 million you are not just buying a home you are buying a lifestyle. As for the furniture inside the home… Geri Yount says “It is negotiable.”