New York Yankees superstar slugger Aaron Judge has made a "home run" back to the place where he grew up in the small, cherry growing town of Linden, just east of Stockton.

The American League Rookie of the Year graduated from Linden High School is back home visiting family and friends. He has caused lots of excitement for baseball fans and fans in hometown.

“He is just as kind and sweet as he was, very humble. From what I remember he has not changed a lot. He’s very big and tall and huge guy," said Kelli Heiser with the Waterloo Restaurant in Waterloo.

She said Judge has dined often at her family's restaurant while growing up and this past Saturday he came into the restaurant with his mother.

"And he had our ribs and pesto. That's our specialty," said Heiser.

Judge also stopped by the Port City Barbers in Stockton for a haircut on Thursday. Barber Terry Cano said Judge came in with a friend who recommended the shop located on East Pine Street for a haircut.

Cano says the 6-foot-7 star wanted a "faux hawk."

“I was just in disbelief. But he came. He came through and got a haircut and he liked it," said Cano.

Fellow barber Josue Huerta, whose family owns the shop, was just as stunned to see the baseball All-Star - who slugged 56 home runs this past season - walk through the door.

"It was really cool. He's a normal guy. I actually was not in the room when he came in, I was in the back and I heard his name, 'Aaron Judge, man, I can't believe this is you' and I came out and he is in the chair, big guy," said Huerta. "And I just got to hear him talk and he didn't seem like anyone special at first, normal guy, but he was really nice."

Each place he went Judge took time to pose for pictures and left everyone he met with smiles on their faces.