Aerojet Rocketdyne continues to appeal citations resulting from a November 2013 accident at their Rancho Cordova facility.

Cal/OSHA, the state's workplace safety agency, issued $66,935 in penalties after the accident, which ultimately played a role in the death of one worker.

A pre-hearing conference before Cal/OSHA's appeals board is now scheduled for May 22.

In November 2013, two employees were injured after an explosion, which stemmed from cutting rocket propellant. One worker was treated at the scene and released, but Robert Ortiz, 54, suffered injuries that ultimately played a role in his death in April 2014.

"His cause of death was ultimately a stroke, but burns from the fire in 2013 is listed on his death certificate and played a role in his death," Sacramento County Coroner Kimberly Gin said.

A spokesman said Tuesday that the company does not comment on anything that is pending.