The philosophy behind Eatwell Farm is that people should eat locally, organically and seasonally.

The farm’s owners also believe that eating this way can help patients – and their families – fighting serious illnesses.

That’s the idea behind the farm’s “Care Share” program, in which donors can contribute money to give four weeks of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to families struggling with medical issues.

“Especially if you’re a cancer patient, you may not be in a position where you can really eat. But one of the things we really know is the care providers need to eat,” Lorraine Walker said.

Walker came by this knowledge the hard way. Her husband Nigel Walker, the founder of Eatwell Farm, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma six months after they got married in 2011.

“The MRI showed that he had lesions and a tumor on his spine. That’s how we found out,” Walker said.

When her husband came home from treatment, they found that two weeks of eating the farm’s produce helped him feel stronger and healthier. That’s when they started the “Care Share” program, beginning with a personal donation of ten boxes.

“We don’t really understand what it’s like to live with cancer, until you do,” Walker said.

Nigel Walker eventually became well enough again to return to work on the farm. But the type of cancer he was fighting has no cure.

Six weeks ago, the couple learned the cancer had spread to his brain.

“We had gone into a doctor’s appointment on a Tuesday,” Walker said. “And everything looked great. Thursday I brought him in, and then a week later they sent him home.”

Four weeks after the cancer spread, on July 1, Nigel Walker died.

Since then, donations have been pouring in for the “Care Share” program. So much money has been contributed, in fact, that Walker is now looking for more families to feed.

“It shows me that what we’re doing is the right thing,” Walker said. “And it shows what an amazing man he really was.”

People interested in benefiting from the “Care Share” program or making donations can learn more on Eatwell Farm’s website.