An El Dorado County family evacuated their home Tuesday due to the ongoing Ice Fire after just losing their home in the massive King Fire in 2014.

Garry and Sally Dykstra were celebrating their 52nd wedding anniversary in the San Francisco Bay Area when they got the call to evacuate for the King Fire.

They were three hours away and couldn't get back in time.

"We came home and they brought us up here and there was nothing left," Sally said. "Everything was burnt to the ground."

"It was heart wrenching," Garry said.

Everything in their new house is new or was given to them by friends. Some friends gave them pictures they had to replace. However, even though it is new, it doesn't make it easier.

Their daughter Stacie who was special needs has taken it very hard.

"It's just hard to think about," Garry said. "It won't be easy."

The family is going to stay with friends with their daughter Stacie in Pollock Pines. They're hoping and praying the memories they had to leave behind will be there when they get back.