The New Hampshire Attorney General's office says it doesn't have evidence to back up President-elect Donald Trump's claims that there is "serious" voter fraud in the state.

Trump, a Republican, said on Twitter Sunday the media isn't reporting on election fraud in New Hampshire, Virginia and California. He provided no evidence to back up his claims. But his comment comes as state Republicans, including governor-elect Chris Sununu, are calling for an overhaul of election laws, including same-day registration.

Assistant Attorney General Brian Buonamano handles the state's election law complaints. He couldn't provide an exact number of complaints his office has received but says he is looking into less than five concerning voter fraud.

He says there is no indication of a "coordinated, widespread effort" to commit voter fraud here.

On Sunday after Trump's tweet's, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla issued a statement regarding Donald Trump’s Tweets.

"It appears that Mr. Trump is troubled by the fact that a growing majority of Americans did not vote for him," Padilla said. "His unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud in California and elsewhere are absurd. His reckless tweets are inappropriate and unbecoming of a President-elect."