Three Placer County Sheriff's employees are in custody after an investigation into the alleged abuse of jail inmates.

On Wednesday, May 31, at an emotional press conference, Sheriff Devon Bell read his employees' names aloud; Deputy Robert Madden, Correctional Officer Jeremy Villanueva and Correctional Sgt. Megan Yaws. Both Madden and Villanueva were charged with assault under color of authority and falsifying documents. Yaws was charged with falsifying documents.

Sheriff Bell said there were four known incidents with four different inmates captured on surveillance video. Two of the four inmates are still incarcerated at Placer County Jail.

Phillip Daley, 35, was booked this past February on possession of a controlled substance and an outstanding warrant. When Daley saw mug shots of the three arrested, he said he did not recognize any of them. Daley also said he had never been assaulted by anyone in the jail, despite what the sheriff said.

"I think protocol was used against me for the things that I have done," Daley said. "You lose your rights when you go to jail, right?"

Beau Bangert, on the other hand, recognized the people in the mug shots. Bangert — who was booked on drug charges — said he remembered fighting with Deputy Madden on two separate occasions. He said the first fight happened while he was high on methamphetamine during his booking and the second was in his cell.

"Yeah they were hitting me in the back of the head really hard, " Bangert said.

He said that he was not shocked that they were arrested.

"I think there are a lot of cops like that and they will probably have to catch more," Bangert added.