Amtrak's latest stop in the Sacramento region is now open to riders.

According to a press release from Amtrak, the Capitol Corridor introduced service to a new station, Fairfield-Vacaville (FFV), located at 4921 Vanden Road, Vacaville.

However, ABC10 received comments on Facebook debating whether or not the station is within Vacaville or Fairfield city limits.

If an incident occurred at the station, which law enforcement agency would respond?

As it turns out, the location is the responsibility of the Fairfield Police Department, according to the department's spokesperson, Matt Bloesch.

When the station project initially began, the location was technically in an unincorporated part of Solano County, Bloesch explained.

At the time, the decision was made to set the address within Vacaville city limits, but was never officially part of the city properly. Since the start of the project, the city of Fairfield annexed the area where the station is located.

The address of the location needs to be updated to reflect the city of Fairfield, according to Bloesch.

The service, which opened Monday, is approximately five miles east of the Suisun-Fairfield Station (SUI).

The new service brings the number of Capitol Corridor stations to 18. Tickets for Fairfield-Vacaville (FFV) are now available to purchase on the Capitol Corridor website, Amtrak website, and Amtrak app.