On Sunday, Anthony Silva was arrested and taken to San Joaquin County Jail after landing at San Francisco International Airport.

The former Stockton mayor was coming back from a trip to Colombia.

"We told him to expect it," said Allen Sawyer, Silva's lawyer. "It wasn't heavy handed. They were respectful in arresting him."

Silva left Stockton on Wednesday. By Thursday, his lawyers confirmed that the San Joaquin County District Attorney's office issued search warrants for the Stockton Kid's Club and Silva's home. They also issued an arrest warrant. Charges against Silva include misappropriation of public funds, embezzlement, money laundering and grand theft.

Silva cut his trip short.

"He came back specifically to fight these charges," Sawyer said. "We told him it was very likely that they would take him into custody in Colombia, which would've been slow boat to the United States and delayed everything. He was fortunate they didn't take him into custody until landing in San Francisco."

Many people commenting on Silva's Facebook are wondering about the timing. Why did the former Stockton mayor leave town the day before search and arrest warrants were issued?

Sawyer agreed there's coincidence there, but not on Silva's part.

"When he announced on Facebook that he was going overseas, why not go knock on his door?" asked Sawyer. "Instead, they let him go overseas and created this perception that he's trying to get away."

Sawyer described Thursday's searches as a 'spectacle,' following another spectacle that happened just seven months ago. Last August, a FBI agents arrested Silva at his annual youth camp.

Those charges by the Amador County District Attorney's office were eventually reduced to misdemeanors.

Silva was no longer required to appear in court in person, which is why he was able to go on vacation in the first place.

Sawyer added that's why he believes investigators are coming after his client with these new financial crime charges.

"Now, it's cake in their face," said Sawyer. "A massive crime thrown out few months down road."

Silva will make his first court appearance for these charges on Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m.