Arson cases more than doubled in Citrus Heights in 2016, according to annual crime data from the Citrus Heights Police Department.

The city saw 16 arson cases in 2016, compared to just six cases in 2015.

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District Capt. Christopher Vestal attributed the increase to a multitude of factors. The fire district provides fire protection services to Citrus Heights.

According to Vestal, one person, who was since been apprehended, was responsible for four fires. Another fire was counted twice and some transient fires may also be classified as arson.

Moreover, fire awareness has improved.

"We're finding out about more fires," he said. "We want people to report the fires."

Vestal said the district, overall, should be "very busy" this year, despite the wet weather. Grasses dry out in just a few hours, so they're just as dry as previous years.