A couple is recovering after a pair of thieves broke into their home, assaulted them and stole property from the home before escaping.

Nevada County sheriff’s deputies are still looking for two suspects who broke into the Lost Lake Road home on May 7 just before 11 p.m.

The couple told investigators one suspect was armed with a metal pipe, the other armed with some type of compact firearm.

The victims were ordered to the ground by the suspects, deputies said. When the couple did not react immediately to the suspect’s commands, they were both struck by the suspect armed with the metal pipe.

The suspects then ransacked the bedroom and living room areas, stealing small electronics, cash and jewelry, according to deputies.

The victims were later taken to a nearby hospital where their injuries were treated.

Though investigators said a thorough check of the area was made for the suspects, they have not yet been located.

One of the suspects was described wearing a motorcycle style helmet and the second was described wearing a partial facemask.